Friday, June 1, 2007

Fishing Expedition

I have found the relaxing hobby of fishing. Wow, what a calm way to spend your day.I was there for six hours. It didn't even seem like a long time. I only wanted to go home to fry those babies! As I sat waiting for a bite, my body was relaxed and my head was clear. How great it feels to look up at the sky, watch birds fly near the water, and gaze at the rippling water in the lake. What a wonderful use of a morning/afternoon/evening (because I was there for all three time periods)
I actually caught 3 fish. A 5 pounder that I named George, he was a big daddy. Then there is Oscar weighing a whopping 2 pounds, and last but not least, Baby Jack, an amazing 1 pound!. I tell you what...they all put up a fight. George gave me a run for my money, so as you see, I had to show him who was boss with my karate moves. By the time Jack came, I lost my prissiness and actually held him. Trust me, I washed my hands 6...yes...6 TIMES. They still don't feel the same. But wow, what an experience.

I am welcoming all of the experiences that I can before I leave in a few weeks. Time is winding down and it is nothing like trips like these with friends to get me back in touch with nature. The age old Man vs. Beast...animal...well, Fish (you know what I mean).

Don't worry, I will keep you all posted....maybe next time, I will go for 5 fish!

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