Sunday, July 22, 2007

It wasn´t all Beaches and Cream

Well, as you all know, I went to the Beach this weekend. I had so much fun at the beach, but let me tell was one experience I will never forget. Where should I start. It started out a wonderful adventure. I was able to take pictures of the mountains and the high peaks of the Andes. It was great. I have pics of my family and I on our way. We got to a late start....approximately 4:30 or so. But it was still daylight so we could see many things.

Well, of course we stopped for food. We always stop for food. Food is very big here, so I don´t think I´ll be losing any weight like I thought guys. So, anyway, the trip is about 5 hours to the beach which is in a province called the Esmeraldas, which is where most of the Afro-Ecuadorians live. Well, we arrived at 3 in the morning. Why, you ask? Because we had two flat tires. Both of which took hours upon hours. When we were waiting to fix the tire, I saw some of the largest bugs EVER. Creepy and Cool all at the same time.

The beach was nice and I have never seen the Pacific Ocean, so it was great. The hotels are very 8 dollars a night. My first hotel was can I saw...not even worth the 8 bucks. You could see right into my room. There was COLD water and I slept with all of my clothes on. Even my shoes. I even put the mosquito net down. When I woke up to take a (SHOWER!?!?!?), there was a huge lizard in the bathroom. I was so grossed out, I went away to get something and came back and it was gone! I was so engrossed with finding it, especially since I had to take my shower. It is weird. The second hotel was much better and it was only 6 dollars. This time the water was at least cool and not cold.
All in all, I had a pretty good time. I had a wonderful time. The food is cheap...really cheap. I can´t wait to go again!

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