Sunday, August 12, 2007

Girl Meets Boy

Well, I know you said it would happen. I met a nice young fellow named Eliás. He is very sensitive to the fact that I don´t know Spanish very well. He doesn´t try to use sophisticated vocabulary with me. He´s so sweet too. He gave me a big hug the first day we met. What a sweetie!

Did I mention he was five! He goes to church with me. At first, we just stared at each other because I didn´t know what to say. I am sure I sounded like an idiot to him. I was all ¨¿Tú tienes amigo?¨ ¨Que son sus nombres¨ ¨Te gusta escuela¨, you know that stuff. Which is probably not correct, but he answered finally. And now we are like best friends. Maybe because we are on the same level, well he is a lot more advanced than I am, but nonetheless a Friend is a Friend! Age ain´t nothing but a number!


Anonymous said...

Girl, I am so your sister!!!! I knew you were not talking about a real person. Actually, in the beginning, I thought you were talking about a dog because you said something about vocabulary :)
But you are crazy girl!!! Love you Tracey

Anonymous said...

Leave it to you to find an under aged man!!! I hope your having fun. I miss you already. I am glad to see your spanish has improved from "hola." At least it is getting better. Hang around Elias for a while and you might become as proficient as a 5 year old!!!! Love ya! Maiesha