Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hiking up the Volcano: Krystle Style

One weekend, I decided to go up the Teleferico which takes you up the Volcano Pichinca (Read more about Pichinca here-

First you go up the Teleferico and look down on the city. There you can see both's absolutely amazing. They actually made it into an amusement park, so they are bringing in the big bucks. What's so great is that even local Ecuatorianos still visit, sometimes every week or so. Many people go to the top (not the very top) and rest or read books. It was nice.

Well, my hikers and I decided to go ahead and hike up more. It was beautiful, but I really wanted beauty rest and had to stop several times. It is so steep. I opted not to ride the horses up the mountain. You see how lazy they were being. You can rent horses for $2 and hour. You could see lots of people riding and just hanging out or climbing higher than I did. I took some pictures for you to see. Hope you enjoy.

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