Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adios Galapagos (sniff, sniff, tear, tear)

After 5 days of basking in the sun (not one of my favorite things actually), getting a tan, sweating...sorry...glistening in the sun, and getting eaten by mosquitoes, I had to say Goodbyeto one of the best places on Earth! Sniff Sniff.
The Galapagos Islands are absolutely beautiful. I had such an amazing time and it was definitely a vacation to remember forever!

I suppose I can start at the beginning though, huh. Here's the story of a lovely lady...who was ready for a vacation of her own...she packed her bags, her repellent and swimsuit...not the skimpy kind. (Did you get it...try it again to the Brady Bunch tune)...okay, back to the subject at hand........

Well, after a long awaited exciting adventure to the Galapagos Islands, I finally got my wish. I have been excited about the trip for so long and nothing can compare to one of my first views from the plane. It was absolutely amazing! From miles away, I knew I was in for the time of my life!

There's so much to tell, but it's hard to decide where to begin. When I got to the island, I saw penguins, sea lions, crabs, herons, pelicans...

...and the famous BLUE FOOTED BOOBIES!

First, we went to Isla Isabela (the largest Island) and spent a lot of time going to this Island, but I actually enjoyed the ferry rides and watching the animals in the shallow waters. The next day, we went hiking. We went to Volcan Sierra Negra which is one of the most active volcanoes on the Islands. Now, it can be quite difficult to understand and interpret information when it is delivered in spanish, however, that wasn't the case this time. I just forgot some stuff! However, I do remember that it last erupted in 2005 and before that...1979! The volcano left this huge crater. Just miles of this.....

We did more hiking and saw huge lava tunnels and it was absolutely amazing. Just looking over the the edges and into desert area, water, different layers of rocks/ was absolutely breath-taking.

That night I went camping. Now it was sooo cool. Of course the mosquitoes had a nice feast, but I was so amazed by the scenery, the flowers, the trees, the fruits, etc. It was great. Now the coolest thing about this place was........THE SHOWER! Look at how cool. First you go through the entrance into a winding hibiscus tree until you get to the shower. Look at the shell (pointed out by the red arrow). Well that's where the water comes out. The yellow arrow points to what gave me my cold water. Still cool though, huh!

I will end that here because I know you had a lot to wrap your mind around thus far, so just check back for Galapagos Part II.


Julius and Maria said...

I love traveling vicariously through you! How fun to see a picture of Joanna too. Your pictures are gorgeous. I am really envious of your opportunity to travel and see the world. Miss you! Owen and James want you to come dress like a giant Galapagos turtle for them.
Maria Zsohar

Tre-C said...

Wow!!!! What beautiful sightings...I'm like Julius and Maria thanks for letting me travel with you LOL!!!

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