Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day in Life of a Teacher

Today at Inkazamulu, I worked in the computer lab. The school received a donation of iBuddy Computers (50 of them). They received them a few weeks ago and now they are learning how to use them.

Linda, the computer teacher, told me about other schools that have a need and how she works with others to help as well. She is studying to become a social worker. I have met many women who go to school for Social Work. Linda told me that helping others helps her deal with her own problems and issues because she knows that the problems out there are bigger than her own. I have to agree that there is a sense of duty, accomplishment, worth...( I don't know the word that I'd like to use, but there is a feeling that "wow, I can do to make others happy and make life easier for them") Life is so much more than what YOU can do and how to spend your time. It's also about helping others and doing for them. This reminds me of after break time. Each class has a day where the students "PICK UP PAPER" This is a part of their life skills lessons. They go around and leave the campus absolutely spotless.

I wish our kids in the States would do that. I would just be glad if people didn't throw their trash out of windows at least. Not too much to ask, huh?!?

I love spending time with the kids. They have so much energy and just so happy. You say, "Do you like school?" The answer is always amanzingly "YES" while nodding with excitement. They know how important having an education is. There is such a gap between the black and white children here. Up until recently, the black children were not "well-educated", so the jobs they can have and what they access to was and still is to a certain point very limited. I discussed with one of the teachers how we might see a change in the next few years as this generation gets older and become leaders.

Tomorrow, we have a teacher training and I hope it goes well. I want to help the teachers find effective ways to teach English to the students. They struggle with it, since it is their second language. Just today, I was speaking to a bunch of wide eyed kids who had NO idea what I was saying when I was intsructing them on how to use the computer program PAINT. But when I sang the song to them and danced....I was speaking their language.

Is there Anybody here, who Loves my Jesus.
Is there Anbody here who loves my Lord.
I want to know....I want to know....DO you LOVE MY LORD.

Stand Up and Shout, if you love my Jesus.
Stand up and Shout, if you love my Lord.
I want to know...I want to know..DO YOU LOVE MY LORD.

We sang and danced the song at least, at least 15 times. TRUTHFULLY. They had fun and so did I. I can't wait til tomorrow.

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Tracey said...

Please don't forget the songs...I want to hear them all when you return