Sunday, April 22, 2007

Relay for Life

This weekend, I participated in Relay for Life in South Dallas. What a wonderful experience. Although, I have participated before, I forgot how wonderful it feels to do something for others or in the name of someone else. How inspiring it is when lots of people get together for a specific cause. Relay for Life is a 12 hour walk devoted to raising money for cancer research. Many people walk for themselves or for loved ones who either lost their lives to cancer or are survivors.

I have always wanted to camp out and this was a perfect opportunity for me to do that. Now I see how uncomfortable it can be sleeping in a tent on rocky and unleveled ground. I took a nap while other people were walking and when I woke up about 5AM and started walking, it seemed as though it had rained all night. It was dew! Sure, I usually wake up at 5AM every day, but not outside at that time. It was a sight to see. I saw the sky transform from dark purple with stars twinkling above to a purplish, then orangy, and bluish sky. It was absolutely beautiful. It was so gradual. That one minute it was dark and the next minute it was daylight.

I feel like I was truly able to appreciate nature, something I hardly do. I will take time to look at the sky and smell the flowers, but I will forget them soon afterwards. I was so in love with nature this weekend, there is no way that I would do that again. I will appreciate the beauty of God's earth. I will appreiciate the beauty of God's people. I will continue to love and support everyone and share love. What a wondeful experience for me to learn and grow!

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