Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Celebrating Life

I have been reading Addicted to God: 50 Days To A More Powerful Relationship With God by Jim Burns for 20 days now. I must say it is very powerful and enlightening. I wanted to share some of my insight with you. Each week there is a new theme. I have gone through Attitude, Love, and I am in the Week of Celebrating Life. One of the focuses is on how life is too short. Life is too short to worry about small things like whether the towels match in the bathroom. That really hit home for me, since I know sometimes I can take my color-coordinating to a higher level. However, when you think about it...does it really matter. Will a blue towel and yellow towel not serve the same purpose. Is the one that matches the decor going to help you dry off any faster. I don't think so. I know sometimes I can focus on something that isn't all that important in the larger scheme of things. I usually want things to be organized, but I would like make a change and try to not "MAJOR on the MINORS" Life is too short to pass up wonderful moments with Friends and Family. It is too short to worry about what you will eat for dinner on Sunday. Life is too short not to take a nap when you really need one. Life is too short to pass up an opportunity to hug a loved one. Life is too short to work at a job that you hate. Life is too short not to forgive someone who hurt us. Life is too short to put off improving relationships with people in our lives. Life is too short not to thank God for another day and too short not to pray. Friends, I am writing this to you to tell you that I have been worrying about the wrong things sometimes. But I will live life and celebrate life. I will have fun and make the most of my days. I will spend time with family and friends, I will enjoy the outdoors, I will give more hugs and less frowns, and I will be my best everyday because life is too short not to.

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