Saturday, April 28, 2007

Protecting the Little Ones

You know the teacher side is coming out of me when I want to share a lesson with you. But honestly, I can't really teach you something from what I learned, I can only share my experience and hope you learn something. So, here goes....

I was babysitting as I always do. The two little ones always surprise me. Sometimes they can't get enough of me and other times they just don't want to be with me. (I know it isn't anything against me, but it still hurts sometimes) Today, there was bug in the house. Since they had been outdoors off and on today, a fly managed to get in. I tried my best and exhausted all options to get this bug out. I spent a little too much time though. Normally, it wouldn't bother me, but the tears and the frightned look on the boys' faces made me want to do everything I could to get that bug out. I mean I got shoes and tried to smack him down. I turned off all lights and hoped he would move from the darkness. Can you believe it, I couldn't even outsmart a fly. We whispered and tip-toed to make the bug think we were gone. (It eventually turned into a game, which made us miss their bedtime by 15 minutes).

I realized something about myself, my parents, and about God. When you love someone, You want to protect them. Even something as small as a bug that won't harm you. I wanted so much to protect them. Two little boys who aren't even my own became my priority.

Now I know how much my parents must have wanted to protect me. Since I was their own! To think how they love me so much and will do so much more than tackle a bug for me.

Then it made me think about God. Oh the trouble we get into. And the things God has to do to protect me and get me out of the webs that I spin. God finds everyway to protect every one of us. We just have to get out of the way, so when He is smashing bugs for us, he can take care of it. He doesn't need us getting in the way or trying to find our own solutions. We have other opportunities to do that. When it's time to protect, let Him do that. Just like my parents want to protect me, and we want to protect our children or children entrusted to us, God wants to protect us. He invests so much in us!

That smile on my little friend's face when the bug was "gone", (which by the way, I have no idea where it ended up, because I never "took care of him") made me feel like I did my job. And to him everything was going to be okay. I love when God protects me and then I can smile with a sigh of relief and know that everything will be okay!

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Megan said...

What a wonderful story! The boys would be so happy to know that they are the characters in a story!