Sunday, May 13, 2007


Who would have thought that I would find a sport that I am actually semi-good at? I have played basketball, soccer, volleyball, and ran track. Needless to say, I found no success at these sports. I tried. Yes, I did. They just didn't work for me. I have improved since I've been playing, and now I am hoping to find another league to latch onto this summer before I leave. The great thing about this is I stayed committed even when the odds were down. I learned about the game and a little bit about life.

When I am at the bat, there are some balls that are too high or way too low. To avoid a strike, I don't even swing the bat. Just like in real life, we have different balls flying our way, but some are not meant to be hit. We just have to jump out of the way. It doesn't stop a ball from coming, but that ball wasn't meant for you to hit. Some relationships are pitched, but aren't meant for you to take a swing at. Some places in our world should be avoided. Doesn't stop them from coming or being built, but we have to step to the side to avoid the strike.

Then something beautiful happens. You keep your eye on the ball. You follow it through. When the ball reaches the plate and falls to the right spot......You swing....and POW! You hit the ball and it soars through the air. Unfortunately, you can't look at where the ball goes, because you have to for your life! But That's God. In life, you hit the right ball, you swing on time, and He takes the ball where it needs to go. No need to look at where it goes, God just wants you to go to first base.

How wonderful to know that all we have to do is
1)stay away from the high balls, the low balls, the fast pitches, and the slow pitches
2)keep your eye on the ball and swing when you know it's right
3)when you hit it, just run to first base and leave the rest up to God
4)if it doesn't work out the first time, don't worry, learn from your mistake and do it again!

Maybe if I keep playing, I will continue learning!

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