Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I was just about to put up that sign until.....I GOT A JOB! I sure did. I am now gainfully employed in Cumbaya, Ecuador teaching at Colegio Menor San Fransisco de Quito. I almost jumped out of my seat. Some of you know how overwhelming this process has been. In a good way though. I guess having a few schools want you so bad isn't so bad! I am actually ready to go back to school. Sitting at home watching Backyardigans and Judge Mathis gets pretty old pretty quick. I am going to get a few last minute things out of the way such as packing and last minute financial details (Did I mention that I am accepting monetary donations) SMILE.

Please check out my school's website when you get a chance. If you aren't bilingual, you can go to the English Side:

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