Sunday, August 26, 2007

Banos: Hot Baths (Please be Advised...Content May Be Inappropriate for Those Who Love Animals and Those Who Scare Easily)

Well, I went to Banos which are called hot baths, because there are natural saunas that is heated from the volcano. It's pretty cool. The volcano is actually active and I am very happy that I didn't experience an eruption while I was there. It is actually illegal to climb, but people still do. It was very nice to see. In the video of the hostal, I will show you footage of a mountain and someone told me it wasn't the volcano, but I think they were wrong. That was soooooooo the volcano. Look at the smoke. At night, it is really really really pretty. (Well as pretty as they get)

I actually had an opportunity to walk around the city and get a few things. It was a nice small city. For the first time, I saw.......well....I will let you see what I mean.

Yep...that's right...good ole Guinea Pig. In US- a lovely Ecuador- a delicious meal.

I also took some pictures, but unfortunately I was sick on this trip, so I don't feel so pretty, but I knew you wanted to see me anyway. I am standing in front of this amazing 3-D mural, even if you can't see it. Some of those body parts or objects are sculpted in way to see the shape like the fingers, the drum sticks, some of the people's hair. It was cool. I had to take a picture next to it.

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BaBy T said...

OMG!!!! Your hair has really grown