Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Classroom

Well, school starts tomorrow and today I have parent orientation. It is super dificil because as you know I do not speak Spanish very well, but I try. (Yo no hablo espanol bien, pero, siempre yo trato) I have met a few parents and students and they all seemed very nice. I had to call parents to tell them about the meeting, but I felt like such an idiot. Fortunately some parents speak English very well. They were really excited to know that I was American and a native English speaker because they really want their students to learn English properly.
As you will see from the video, most things are hand made. Unfortunately, I don't have all the cutesy things that I have in the states, but my creativity was challenged and I think I did a pretty good job with it. I am most proud of my calendar. You can see that thing from miles away! Please keep me in your prayers as I embark on a new journey into teaching in Ecuador. Those things are different, things are still the same with education. I am excited and very hopeful!


BaBy T said...

Awww Krys,

I heard it in your voice when you first started talking. Sisters know everything. I can't have you sick like that. You need to use my remedy. Do you remember?

Love you and miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Haynes,

It's Miss Jackson, I have Breanna, Alexis and Brian, former 4th graders with me. They saw your apartment and classroom. They say we miss you, your apartment and classroom are nice, creative and clean. They say hi, Brian says he is more smarter and they say come back or they are coming for you. They say e-mail them through me. Brian said he e-mailed you, e-mail him back please. Take Care!