Monday, September 10, 2007

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Well, last week was Dad and Tracey's Birthday, so I wanted you to know that I made a cake in honor of your birthday. It was an orange cake- no icing. So, first of all, it's hard okay. It's so hard to make a cake from the box when all instructions are in Spanish. So, good thing no one had to eat it. I know that huevos means eggs, but I didn't know if I needed to add oil, butter, or margarine. I was also to add milk, and forgot until the very end. Plus, I didn't have a mixer. So technically, the cake didn't taste the best, but I worked with what I had. After I thought the cake was done, I couldn't get it out of the pan. So some of it separated, which is why the cake looks a little cracked! Here are some pictures. I promise, I am going to return baking like I've never baked before.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Dad! Happy Birthday Tracey!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Krys,

It looks delicious!!!!!! U R The BEST....Cant wait til you get home, you owe me and dad and we love orange Cake :)