Monday, October 1, 2007

Watch out Wachala

This weekend, I went to Guachala (it just sounds like WACHALA), which is a little city outside Cayambe, home of another......VOLCANO. You can see the snow on top, if it isn't too cloudy...which it was this weekend. Entonces, yo no tengo bueno fotos. I planned on riding these horses, but turns out they took some medication and weren't able to get good Krystle Exercise

When I was touring around, I found a coffee tree and a banana tree. It was pretty cool. Call me a city girl, but I have never seen a banana tree before. People told me...don't take a picture of that one...there are better ones everywhere...but this is just a snap picture of one. I was so excited. You can tell I don't get out much!

To top it off, I saw what I thought were llamas...I said "Those llamas are smalller than I thought they would be" (keep in mind I have only seen them in a book called IS YOUR MAMA A LLAMA However they are like cousins of llama called alpaca. They were soooo cute. You just want to take them home. Here are a few pictures. They do spit however. Fortunately for me(and them!), I didn't get any saliva on me, but one of them, (let's call him Pepe) spit on his buddy (Luis). Yes, in case you want to know. It's gross.

You know I always want you to see where I have been resting my head. Here is a picture of the hotel room. By the time I took a picture, my own room was dark, so this is before I received a key. The rooms were beautiful. They were so spacious and they had a fireplace. Every night, they cut your fire wood for you. Guess what....this hotel room had HOT WATER. Yahoooo!

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