Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wet Season is Coming

Yesterday started the beginning of the Wet Season, which means rain, more rain, and more rain. It rained yesterday in the morning and didn't stop until late morning or late afternoon. It is also getting cooler, even in the valley (where I work). The Wet Season usually starts in October, so it is about right on time. See here, there is no spring, summer, fall, or winter. Those lucky students! They only have two seasons to remember- Wet and Dry. The wet season last from maybe October until May. Apparently May is when it rains todos los dias- EVERY DAY! I am not looking forward to that, but I can handle it.
I can't believe that time is flying. We just had Open House yesterday and it went very well. I was very nervous, because most of the parents do not speak English, but I am not confident in my Spanish to attempt an Open House in Spanish. I am sure I would say something about it being a joy to teach their children and end up saying it would be a joy to eat your children. could happen. So English is where I am these days.
I actually think the parents enjoy hearing me speak, because they want to learn. They are grateful for my clear speech. Isn't it Dallas, you guys wanted me to shut up...but here, they want me to talk ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day! It's great!
By the way, I don't think anyone has purchased tickets yet, so ummm....I think you need to get on it. Is it money? Is that it? Are you trying to save up and nervous? It's okay. Just go to a big business and ask them to sponsor you. Tell them that I am here. They should know me by name. I bet they will give you the money. You never know unless you try.
This will probably be my last entry for September. Feel free to look at the very bottom of the blog for a personal calendar. It let's you know what's going on. It is a little bare, but hopefully I can fill it up with lots of nice things!

Love you all,

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Tracey Haynes said...

Hi Krys,

I was waiting on you to purchase my ticket!!!!! If you come back home I will let you talk all day like you used to do. I guess it true what they say you never miss it until it's gone. Who would've thought that your talking would fall under that category.

Love you babe,