Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm Eating For Two......

....or three, or four...or a hundred. Who am I feeding now, you ask? Worms. Yes, worms! It's actually comforting to know that everyone experiences this, so I'm not worried, but it is a little gross. Now I've actually learned a few lessons here and thought I'd share them with you.

1) If a bug flies in your food. Just pick it out. It can't be any worse than the critters already living in your stomach.

2) Always be prepared for tragedy. Do not be shocked if the taxi drivers race past other cars (on a bridge), If they turn and you see headlights coming your way, if the taxi drivers read a newspaper while driving, or if you cross the street when you "think" you have the right of way.

3) Do NOT try on jewelry if you don't know if it fits. Because then you are stuck (like me) buying a not so cute ring that you can't get off until you get home by putting butter on it!

4) KNOW you're numbers in spanish well before you start bargaining. Quince (15) and Cincuenta (50) is a HUGE difference.
*Also know your math before bargaining. Por ejemplo, if one item is $1.50, DO NOT try to bargain "Dos por $5" porque (because) the vendors will say "Claro (sure), and take your money".

5) The Cheese here isn't really CHEESE!

6) A Holiday isn't really a holiday unless you have 3 or more days to celebrate! (I like it)

7) Maslow's got it all wrong. The Hierarchy of Needs does not include sports. Futbol is the ONLY thing that matters! We can talk about basic needs, love, and self-actualization later!

8) If it looks like it's going to rain, then it's going to rain. If it looks like it isn't going to's still going to rain!

9) Some things are only suggestions. Not rules, not laws, just suggestions. For example: There are red lights, but it is only suggested that you stop, but you don't have to. Lines in the supermercado...suggestions. You don't have to wait, you can skip if you want. Also, don't be shocked if someone skips you. Meeting times....suggestions. What's the difference between 8:00 and 8:30? Merely Suggestions!

10) Man Purs....I mean Man Bags are okay! (Matching umbrellas are optional)

Well, that's all I can teach you right now. But come on, that's pretty good lessons for 5 months, don't you think?

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