Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Very Merry Un-Birthday to You! To Who?...To me!

Well, don't you feel good when people remember your birthday and give you lots of attention. Well, I think it's nice too. But what happens when it ISN'T YOUR BIRTHDAY!
That's when you're stuck. I didn't know what to say, but "Umm...thank you....but it's not my birthday".

Veamos, cuando yo empiezo trabajar a Colegio Menor, escribo mi cumpleanos en el papel. Pero, escribi 6/12 y no 12/6. En ingles, escribimos June 12, pero en espanol, escriben 12 de Junio. Entonces, parece mi cumpleanos es 6 de diciembre y no 12 de junio. Mi culpa, sin duda. Buen noticias es, tuve buen dia.

Okay, when I started working at Colegio Menor, I wrote my birthday on the paper. But I wrote 6/12 and not 12/6. In English, we write June 12 (6-12), but in Spanish, they write 12 of June (12-6). So, it seemed as though my birthday was December 6 and not June 12. No doubt it was my fault. Good news is, I had a good day!

That surprise party and the good intentions of my friends was the start of a good week. After this....I went to the Jungle....which you must wait to hear. I will put it in 3 part installments. Let's call it the Tena Diaries. Look out for them soon!

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