Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feliz Dia de San Valentin

or as some people say, Feliz Dia de Amor.

Wow...I am overwhelmed with roses, candy, and gifts galore. I even had help taking all the things to my house. The candy- yep, I don't know what it is saying or can't really read the ingredients, but such wonderful gestures. I am so spoiled!

My students wanted a party, and I am not a big party person (I'm a pretty boring teacher). I said, if you can arrange it and put it together, then let's go for it.

Wow, we had such a great time. I had to hold myself back from cleaning as we partied. They had such a wonderful time. We had music and were dancing. Apparently, this brought my "cool points" to an all time high!

These are pictures for you to see how we can party. My students love pictures, but these are only a few. Sorry, I'm not in them but imagine me partying too. Teaching them dances that I can't even do myself, Eating pizza and drinking Sprite, and Controlling the noise level.

When I come back for Valentine's 2009....I need you guys to give me a Valentine Treat just the same. I realize though...most of my gifts always come from kids! Hmmm....maybe I'm spending too much time at school...then again, I don't see people who work in Human Resources to get as many gifts as I do!

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Tre-C said...

Your kids look cool.....You have to learn some dances so you too can be as cool as them. They did look like they had a lot of fun. Is this your homeroom class. Of course I am looking for Jose Miguel :)