Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Well, I am turning into a party-er....not the kind that goes out on the town, but the party-er in school.

Today we celebrated the end of Chinese New Year. We have been studying China for the past few weeks and had a great time. We ate rice....I was so impressed with how more than half of my students knew how to use chopsticks. It was great. One student was soooooo into it and brought traditional dishes (food and porcelain). One of my students even played a Chinese Folk Song.

So, we were able to bring together all we've learned and celebrate 2008: The Year of the Rat!

It's amazing how I learn so much while I'm here...even other cultures. In the States, social studies is ignored or only explored on a surface level. I feel so free to take it as far as I want to. Right now, we are making our own magazines with feature articles on China. I can't wait to see what we produce.

I am proud of my students and I am also proud of myself. Taking a chance and seeing where my creatitivity in teaching can take me. I'm going to keep it up when I return... and that's a promise!

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Tre-C said...

I bet you didn't even tell your students that your sister played the flute when I was younger did ya? It looked like he really knew what he was doing.