Monday, March 3, 2008

Triangular War + One

Okay, here we go....

I don't know if you have heard or know anything about what's happening to your neighbors down South. Well have no fear...I'll share it with you. Disclaimer: I am including facts as well as opinions. However, I can't distinguish the difference by color coding or italizing anything, so look for things like: "In my opinion", or totally radically statements and when you can see all CAPS and when you can read in my words how upset I am.

Do not read this article if you are sensitive to certain topics and would be offended if I tell you the real deal, like: Our current US administration, some present presidential candidates, and the Republic of Colombia.

Okay, This Triangle includes many countries (not just 3) and has a long history.

Colombia has some issues with the guerrilla insurgencies (FARC-Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) or in English Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia–People's Army. FARC is considered a terrorist group by Colombia and the USA (other countries too). They are against the Colombian Government and are to blame for the drug problems, kidnappings, and other acts of terror.

In order to help with the US Drug Trafficking from Colombia, The US and Comlombia came together. Basically, we give them money to help control the drug trafficking. So, right now, we are giving them supplies to spray their country to kill coca leaves (raw material for cocaine). The US supplied everything for this.

Now as you see, Ecuador and Colombia share the border. This spraying is causing many people to get sick. Without the US or Colombia sharing the dangers of these chemicals, the unsuspecting Ecuatorianos are negatively affected. The Ecuadorian goverment (humbly) asked that this spraying cease or at the very least try to control the chemicals that are entering Ecuador (i.e. No spraying through the air where the chemicals are also spread to Ecuador). The response from the US (specifically Condoleeza Rice) said (not in these exact words, but) "Oh, no. These chemicals aren't harmful. We cannot stop it because it is to help us control the drug problems here. We assure you nothing harmful will happen to these people." All the while, many Ecuatorianos near the border suffer from skin problems and vomitting frequently. Hmmm....I don't know....seems like the chemicals to me!

***This is one of the many reasons why the Ecuadorian Government doesn't like the US government.****

I had to throw that in so you can see the US's support of Colombia and the extent of our relationship. Now...back to the story at hand.

So, Colombia now has lots of arms and money (supplied by the US) to stop this strong militant group. FARC has many hostages and usually hides out in jungle areas. Well, a group of them (22) hid out in the jungles of Ecuador (location of one of their bases).

Well of course, Colombia HAD to get them out. They couldn't WAIT to ask Ecuador to help or get them and return them, or ASK for permission and say "Can we please enter your country to get these rebels".

Nope, the Colombian government went in, and killed ALL of the members of the group hiding out in Ecuador.

What?!?! Yes, not capture, not bring back, nothing. Just killed them!

Well, with great reason, Ecuador is upset. "How dare you disrepect our country and not respect our borders. YOU do NOT have the right to just enter this country and start killing people, no matter who you are. It's called DIPLOMACY!"

So, where does Venezuela come in. Where's this talk of war? Why? ....I'll tell you why.

(I am cutting this down really really short, but will give you websites that will go more in depth than I'm qualified to do)

Well, Venzuela, France, and Ecuador were trying to keep the peace in Colombia (why, it isn't their problem....well technically is!) Remember how FARC (or did I forget to tell you) has these prisoners/hostages? Well, one is from France and unfortunately the goal of the Colombian government is to kill all of FARC, not to save the hostages.

Venezuela, France, and Ecuador were trying to negotiate with FARC to get the hostages released (specifically a French woman (dual citizenship in Colombia) who was a presidential candidate in Colombia.)
These three countries are concerned that Colombia is not interested in working out a solution with FARC and is equally unconcerned about the welfare of the hostages. Colombia is upset that these countries would TRY to negotiate with this group.

Well, just as the negotiations are are near and dear, this guerrilla group is attacked and ALL of the FARC involved in releasing these hostages are KILLED!

So, needless to say....hostages are NOT released and now we are on a brink of war! BECAUSE, after the raid...COLOMBIA "found" evidence on 2 "unharmed" computers during the raid to suggest that FARC was funded by Venezuela and Ecuador! Venezuela and Ecuador say they did not give them money to try to "overthrow the government in Colombia" (I mean really....Ecuador's pretty poor dude!)

Also, it's important to know, that why would Venezuela and Ecuador want problems with Colombia....most imports are from Colombia!

Okay...back to the story....

Now, both countries are beyond upset. After the slap in the face from Ecuador, now the accusasion...both Ecuador and Venezuela are fed up with their neighbor, Colombia.

Of course, you HAVE to have a statement from the US. I mean, we give them money and the "only" friend/ally that Colombia has.

President Bush says "We stand by our ally"...but what was he supposed to say. Oh, it tears me up. NO...the US doesn't support that decision, because if someone did it to the US, it would be a different story, but because it's poor old Ecuador, who cares?!?!!?

So, other countries are looking at the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, like how dare you agree with this!?!?! "Colombia is wrong and so are you!" Now...the triangle has now added another. Why, oh why are we involved in another dispute? WHY WHY WHY? Arggh.....

Now, fortuntaley, some people know how to get the facts and wait until it's all said and done before you open your mouth to endorse/support a country's decicion. Now I understand that Colombia doesn't have many allies (the US doesn't either), but sometimes, when you're wrong, you're wrong.

A few presidental hopefuls also "agree" with President Bush's statement that "Our country's message to President Uribe and the people of Colombia is that we stand with our democratic ally,"

No, Bush, that's YOUR message. I am here and ummm...that was wrong and the government of Colombia did not make a good decision, is insensitive to the other's countries investment in keeping peace and does not care about the safe return of hostages.

I am upset, saddened, and disappointed that this situation has occured, because although nothing may transpire in the near future, this definitely added fuel to a growing dangerous fire in Latin America. If anything, the FARC will be stronger now...which is NOT good! They are responsible for the kidnappings you hear in Colombia and now the negotiations are out of the window!

This is what's going on here in Ecuador. Please pray for peace here. Though this is not an inter-Ecuadorian issue, it can be a little dangerous if Venezuela and Ecuador decide to go to war with Colombia, and if trade is not opened up again.

**Please understand, I do NOT support FARC. It's actually quite scary, the tactics they use, but to know that successful negotiations were underway some peace could have been restored and Colombia shut it off, is very upsetting. To know that apparently the "people" from the US supports Colombia's decisios and actions disgusts me.

By the way, other information found on those "unharmed computers" recovered by Colombia said that FARC was trying to make radioactive bombs and they were only trying to protect all of Latin America. However, after further investigations, they found that they were only buying uranium to resell for profit. You sounds a little like W O M D.....yep, you guessed it....WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. I wonder where Colombia got that idea from....getting involved because you think someone is making weapons(that really don't exist)?

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