Friday, April 18, 2008

Rock On

Yesterday was Cheverisimo!

Yo fui al concierto de Mana. Mana es un grupo de hombres muy chevere! Son Mexicanos y cantan buenisimo!

It all started when one of my friends (admirer really started to sing Bendita La Luz. It is such a beautiful song and I decided to hear other songs by this group. Then I started listening and realized...Hey I like this! Now of course, it's quite difficult to understand ALL of the words (but honestly, I don't understand all the words in English either).

I did the next best thing. When you have no one else in the always have GOOGLE. So, I saved all of the lyrics and sing along. It really helps for comprehension and learning the words. They have easily become my favorite group and I listen to them EVERY day. They make me want to dance and sing and shout. It's great.

Mana is a Mexican Rock group that has been around for over 20 years...yes...20 years. They are loved by the young and old alike.

Now, here's where it gets interesting: I got VIP tickets....(I'm not bragging, but hey, VIP sounds pretty cool to say), however VIP doesn't really mean the same thing as I thought. I pictured sitting in a breserved area with space, and people selling water and goodies. I thought VIP stood for VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, but nope...I think here it means VERY INTENSE PAIN. I stood up for over 4 hours! My feet were killing me. I have had elbows put a dents in every inch of my body, and I have enough menthol in my lungs that I should wear a nicotine patch. I am not sure if it was better to have VIP or General (sitting far away from trouble)....

I am sure we have all done something illegal. But what is illegal really. Now, I am quite sure I can tell you what I shouldn't do in the States, but here, I can claim ignorance. My friend and I could not get tickets....the cheapest ones were $125 for a Gold Box (which is not in a box at are just blocked off with the other 200 people who bought GOLD BOX). I'm sorry...I'm not paying for any "boxes". We decided we wouldn't get a chance to go....
FRIEND: Hey, Krystle...what about going really early to the stadium....and buying a ticket.
KRYSTLE: What do you mean? You mean buy it from a scalper?
FRIEND: What's a scalper?
KRYSTLE: Nevermind. You mean buy it on the street from a non authorized vendor?
FRIEND: Sure,'s worth a try.
KRYSTLE: Isn't that illegal....NO NO NO Don't tell me!
FRIEND: Okay, see you Thursday!

Before I got there, she scored 2 tickets for HALF the price....well when someone sells it much cheaper than what they bought it get nervous. Right before going in, I was nervous because what if they are fake, or what if they are marked and we go to jail! ARGHH....I can't believe I am doing this...what's going to happen!

I've seen trash before...come on...of course...but it was a mess. People throwing their $1 beer bottles and trash on the street, not to mention the horses and dogs (BIG DOGS) was getting crazier and crazier. But the other good thing about being VIP is you have your own entrance door.

I give them my ticket, and they take my ticket and move me to the side...they move my guy friend and my girl friend to opposite sides. I was sure that they were going to lock us up then and there. No one said a word. Just then I feel hands patting me down and then "Sigue no mas" (Go ahead). We made it....We actually made it. There were no problems...Lesson #37: If you get paranoid easily, do not partake in illegal activities.

Once we got in, I just felt the fire. I was soooo on fire. This is really my first "REAL CONCERT". I had taken a shot at going to a summer jam concert that I don't remember like 10 years ago and I didn't want to go( My friend dragged me).

The concert was truly amazing. The solos by the drummer and guitarists and the singing, and the effects, the songs, the performance...todos....todas fue chevere. I was impressed and hanging on to every word. Honestly, I did think about something....the performers at a concert can change the world. When they tell you to repeat after do it. They tell you to raise your do it...I bet if they wanted you to throw a dollar on stage...people would do that too. I fell for it. I was jumping up and down like I understood everything. Honestly, they could be singing "Krystle is an idiot" and I would still be going!

I will NEVER EVER forget this concert! I even connected with my students. When they found out I went, we started a non stop concert at school singing Mana songs and revisiting our night...I'm just glad I didn't see them the night of.

So, take away the trash, the smoke, the being trampled and poked, and the yelling and screaming...I had a wonderful time. I felt like I was the Rock Star I was born to be. My studying the lyrics really paid off....really paid off. Though there were a few errors, I think I pulled it off as a Rockin' Ecuadoriana!

Enjoy one of my favorites:

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