Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TGIF-End of the Year Party

Well, you know teachers have to let their hair down sometimes! During the year, usually after report cards, we all get together to celebrate the end of a trimester. This time, we went to Maria Gloria's (5th grade spanish teacher) house. It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. She said she'd save a bedroom for me whenever I wanted. I seriously think I might take her up on that offer.

For Grub....none other than SUSHI....yes sushi. Do I like sushi...Not really. I don't like the seaweed part and it's rude to unroll it, so what's the point. But when you're hungry and that's all you have, you kind of take what you can get. It actually looks pretty good.

Now of course you know EVERYBODY dug in quick, fast, and in a hurry!

Eating, Shooting the Breeze, and Having a Ball

Besides hanging out with friends and chilling out and laughing and joking...we passed time with a little Karaoke....and I had a BLAST. If you know know KARAOKE is my thing. It was difficult with the Spanish songs, but I tried my best. If they had a little Selena, I'm sure I really could have "raised the roof", but because these people are sooooo into stereotypes and to see have a good laugh, they chose "ACHY BREAKY HEART" by Billy Ray Cyrus. Now I remember that song from the 90s. I knew it was a one-hit wonder and all I knew was the chorus, but they thought it would be so funny to see a COWGIRL like me sing a HONKY TONK song like that.

Can you believe that I actually totally ROCKED that song! Get ready, when I come home....SOMEBODY has to take me out for some KARAOKE!

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Maria said...

I would have paid to see you sing Achy Breaky Heart! I bet you rocked it. Can't wait to see you!