Friday, June 19, 2009

First Day on the Job!

Wow, today was the true Test! I woke up at 6AM. It's not that it's a problem, but it was DARK. Technically, it gets darks at 6:00 so it's dark for 12 or more hours. So even at night when I felt that I should be in bed, it was ONLY 7:00. I was able to go on a bus run. We pick up the kids to go to the daycare each morning, while we dro off the kids from the orphanage. So at any given time, there are about 40 kids on a 12 passenger van...You're right, the math DOESN'T add up!

So, here is the wonderful view of The Valley of a Thousand Hills, South Africa.

The pink buildings are Makaphutu Children's Village. You can see it from miles away and when I look over the hills, I can ALWAYS pinpoint where I am -kind of!

Here is the school, Inkazimulo, I will work at during the days. They just painted it blue. Colorful, this Africa!

After we had some down time, we had PLAY TIME. There is a built in trampoline and it is SUPER FUN. Oh my goodness. The kids are teaching me how to do a front and back flip. Here's the thing- my time line is to do either before I leave. That gives me seven more weeks! After twenty minutes of jumping, I just couldn't take anymore. You feel like you are flying, and it's UNNATURAL for humans to fly!

Then I went to the cottages with some of the kids, we watched SOCCER. The ONLY sport to watch, helped with dinner, and folded clothes. It was awesome! Now, see these perfectly diced onions and peppers....I DID THAT!

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Tracey said...

Krys......I want those girls....What are their names? How old are they? They are soooooo cute!!!!