Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's Today?!?!?

Ask me the day, date, and time? My answer is- I DON'T KNOW! Someone get me a calendar!

I have been on a plane or in between cities for 3 days. Crazy! So, I'm a little mixed up. Now, I do know that I am 7 hours ahead of you Texas folks though! So, mid-day when I am up and at em ready for the world, you guys will be sleeping. But if you truly loved me, you'd wake up from your sleep and talk to me on the phone!!!!

I got to Durban, South Africa and took a 45 minute ride to The Valley of a Thousand Hills, South Africa at about 12:00 in the afternoon. You wanna know what I did next? You guessed it, I went to sleep.

You wanna know what time I woke up?'re close though. I woke up at 10:30 PM. So, it's all dark and all I hear are dogs barking and truly serenading me. So I decide the only thing I can do guessed it. Sleep some more!

I am now exploring Hillcrest, the nearest city to use the computers and go grocery shopping. It's amazing how there are differences, but you can truly survive because life and living is the same, we just do it in different ways. Don't get me started on crossing the street. That whole "wrong side of the road thing" is no joke.

I'll keep in touch soon. Even though it is winter break, I think I will still have an opportunity to work in the Cretsch (daycare), they play in the cottage below me, so you can hear them VERY well. I look forward to being with them this summer.

Until my next post!

*I have time now since I am not working at the school. My time might decrease on the computer as time goes by.

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