Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beach Party

Today, we went to the BEACH. It wasn't planned, but anytime you say "Let's go to the Beach." Who am I to turn it down. There's a catch....we are taking 11 hyper-active beach craved love to get up and shout kids!!!! It was GREAT!

So, we get to the beach, about an hour away and then we have to HIKE to a good spot. So, remember that I told you it's winter and COLD, well, I finally get smart and layer up. Apparently, I'm not as smart as I thought- it was HOT! So picture me walking the sandy beach with tights, jeans, 2 socks, boots, camisole, long sleeve sweater, and hoodie. Yes....not too smart!

Well, walking on the beach is hard, but I had Buso with me and he walks as slow as can be. He wanted to look all around. We picked up at least one hundred seashells....all of which we eithe lost or broke by the time we got home.

It felt like we walked for miles. Turns out we did. They said we walked the beach from North to South. So, my legs are aching and I'm HOT. But it felt soooo good to just look out into the Indian Ocean. I even got my boots wet. I finally rolled up my pants and attacked the beach bare-foot. The sand felt SO good!

We finally got to a stopping point to rest and put our things. Guess who was on Lunch Duty! You guessed it- ME! I had to walk another mile to the grocery store to buy something to make lunch. So sandwiches, chips, cookies, and juice. Yes...yes...another mile hiking back with groceries. But I strategically got the 3rd lightest bag. That way I won't look like the over-achiever Super Girl nor do I look like the weakest. (I can teach you how to do those things sometime)

After lunch, the kids decided to take a dip in the pool. Well, since it was an unexpected trip to the beach, no one had bathing suits. Didn't stop up though! Makaphutu kids know how to party!

Can't wait for tomorrow!

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Tracey said...

Krys that sounds like sooo much fun!!!