Thursday, July 2, 2009

Painting The High School

“Krystle, have you been painting yourself or the school?” I’ve been asked this question by many people along with a chuckle. After spending a day cleaning and painting the high school science room, I was tired. But to look around at the work that we had done is phenomenal. I remember that first thought of how we will ever transform this room. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint, willing volunteers, and a great attitude can do.
We had high school volunteers help as well. I can imagine the faces of the children when they return to school and see a “brand new” science lab. I am sure that our student volunteers also feel a sense of pride and have the feeling of “I DID THAT” when they walk into class for their own studies. It says a lot to take ownership. I mean, if I were a student Kwa Ntembini, I would love science from now on.
Now although, I had more paint on my clothes, arms, face, and hair than any other person, I am sticking to the excuse that it was only for the memories!

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