Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday and A Happy Loss

Well, today is my birthday. Yeah Me! We only have 365 days of a certain age after all, I gotta make the most of them! Well, Some great things have happened today. I had an interview that went well for a private school in Ecuador and also was offered a position as a Sciene and Technology teacher at a different school. I want to weigh all options before I accept either position. And guess what...my good looks and charm had NOTHING to do with it. (smile)

Well, of all days we actually had a playoff game too. Ummm....okay...for you folks who don't know how we made it to the play offs, let me tell you something: We worked hard....really hard....and let me tell you, it isn't easy keeping up with a spotless record like we did. 8 Losses isn't easy, but we did it. Honestly, all we can go from here is up. Plus, we set a record. I think we are probably the only team who lost EVERY SINGLE COTTON PICKING GAME AND ONLY SCORED ABOUT 10 POINTS FOR THE WHOLE SEASON! Do I hear a Guinness Book of World Records entry, huh?!?!

Good Thing Dad practiced with me the day before the game. He's great. He didn't realize I had some power in this arm. He has a few moves too!

As for my shin injury: I invested in some shin guards. Tip: It is okay to run away from the ball (However, I don't think my coach would agree)

Even though we lost, Tracey and I still look like winners, right?!?!?

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