Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fiesta de Navidad

Oh, was like prom. I felt like a reina (queen). People tell me that all the time here, but I actually felt like it. I got a chance to dress up and look all pretty and dolled up.

Then we had a talent show. I was the manager for my section. It is difficult getting the stage set up and asking questions in spanish, but I did okay. At one point, I had to tell them to change the height of the microphone for the one in the middle, but they made it taller. I don't know if I said it wrong, or they heard it wrong. Let's go with the latter. The three ladies were dressed as the three tenors and sang Christmas songs. It was wondeful. They were really into character and won!

After the talent show, there was dancing. And oh boy were they dancing. I had to sit after every two songs. Each song was at least 10-15 minutes long. Everyone got into a circle, and then you take your turn in the middle dancing. (A little like the Soul Train Line) One teacher grabbed me to the floor and I had to dance like I knew what I was doing. I must say, I can cut a little rug! Everyone was cheering me on and coming to join me. It was great!
But.... when the Techno Disco Version of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive came on, I couldn't help but sing and dance my heart out. I made other guys dance who were just barely moving on the floor. One guy, who does not dance at all (I know why), was so embarrassed when I pulled him to the floor, but I guess he found his true talent- "Dancing like no one's watching".
Now other than that song, The Macarena, YMCA, Macho Man, and In the Navy were the only English Songs I heard! Then you got to the good stuff.....

Salsa is the biggest dance here and we salsa-d (I don't know if that's a word, but you know me). Well, I "salsa-d with people all night long" I actually think I did pretty well. But well, it was quite difficult, because of these.......
Now if you think I danced in these all night, Raise your hand! Go ahead, if you think I wore these all night long, raise you hand.....

I hope you didn't do that. Well for 1) if you know me at all, there is NO WAY I could do that. Those are 20 minute shoes, not 7 hour shoes. Those shoes are designed to make you look taller. I promise you I was 5'5 in those shoes! And for 2) No matter where you are reading this blog,(work, home, library,etc) you would look kind of silly raising your hand in front of a computer just because someone's blog told you to.....(Don't worry, I won't tell. We all do silly things sometimes!)

Now when the shoes came off... No inhibitions, no life flashing before my eyes. No breaks between dances....I was free!
The finance guy, who looks like he can't dance, really could dance. (Always try to dance with the folks who will help guy, human resources folks, librarians, and the guards....these people look out for you and you have special priveleges!) Well, Gonzalo and I danced and danced. I really got my groove on. He was good! I tried to keep up... I did okay, but he was a great teacher. Everyone was like, if you want to know how to salsa or dance, then you need to talk to Gonzalo. I feel like I can go on "Dancing with the Stars"

I had such a wonderful night. No pressure. Being with friends and co-workers letting their hair down. It was great! I want to do another one. Maybe they will have one for St. Patrick's Day!

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Tracey said...

WOW!!!! I bet you were beautiful....Girl make sure you bring them shoes home :-)