Thursday, July 9, 2009

African Babies of The Wild

So, I couldn't leave without including some of my new wild friends that I met along the way the past weekend.

Now, I HAVE to tell you the story. As we are driving through dangerous territory, I'm sure you can guess.....well, probably not. So, we had a flat. YES a FLAT! 2 of them!

We were in the middle of the savannah where anything could come and gobble us up. Fortunately, all we saw were these creatures who stared us down for a LONG time. Probably wondering where our other legs were.

But it's okay...I was prepared for anything!


Lewis said...

Krys...I am person A. I have always seen these things on TV about Africa. Now I have you over there to bring me these pics and know that this is so real. Keep posting the "Pics", so Tracey will keep coming back. LMAO...ROTFL..WOW

Tracey said...

Girl you are crazy....what were you gonna do with those???

Krystle said...

Girl, you know how I do it. I was just going to say "Hi-yaaa..." and then hit all the lions in the face!