Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flipping Out

The kids here absolutely love to turn flips. Take a step, put your hands down, lift your legs up high, and fall to the other side. Upside down, topsy turvy, whatever is daring and fun- they will do it! They are doing their best to teach me some of the “easy tricks”, but I must admit something stops me. I am not sure if I have crossed this age barrier like the idea behind The Polar Express, but there is something about watching the ground underneath me and the fact that I might fall flat on my face that keeps me from doing it.

However scary it might be, there is something extraordinary about children that I learned from watching them. They take risks. They might not know that it’s risky, but they just do it. They like the feeling, they want to do it, and they just do it, no questions asked. We can all learn from them. If only I had the energy, the will, and the strength to carry out the things I really wanted to do. The world we live in today is unpredictable and sometimes some pretty negative things happen, but if we just take a risk and try to make it a better place, then we can.
I want to do flips in my life. I want to take a risk and just do the right thing without being scared about the ground underneath. No one achieves anything if they never try. The only way these children knew they could do front and back flips was to try. I won’t know what change I can make in the world unless I try. So take a step, brace yourself and put your hands down, lift your legs high, and watch the positive outcome on the other side.

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Tracey said...

Thanks....I really needed that!!!!