Monday, July 6, 2009

Coordinating Winter School

Developing lessons and teaching little ones during winter school is quite an experience. During this time, the children are on break from school, but some of them are so incredibly behind in their studies or need assistance in multiple areas, so we are tutoring them with a strong focus on math and English.
Although this is a vacation time for them, it is heartwarming to see how some of them are taking their studies seriously. They know how important education is. One student came 20 minutes early to our cottage and shouted “I am ready for school!” Of course, I was tired and needed the 20 minutes before teaching, but with a positive attitude like that from an eager child is just what you need to jumpstart your day.

These kids are very bright and are capable of so much; they just lack the necessary resources that so many of our students in the U.S. benefit from. Research tells you so much about what they need and if you use this, then that will happen. But what about the kids who don’t use math manipulatives or the ones who don’t have a large selection of print material. What about the students who don’t have graphing calculators or regular calculators for algebra. These students still try and that’s what makes it a joy to work with them. I know that winter school is only for a limited time, but I do hope that the few weeks of one on one tutoring or small group will benefit them greatly as they head back to school for the next term.

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